Salanova┬« Salanova┬« stands for fresh, easy-to-prepare lettuce with great tasting baby-sized leaves. With just one cut a Salanova lettuce separates into numerous small, ready-to-eat leaves. With the introduction of Salanova┬«  Peninsula Farms gives lettuce a name. Fresh and convenience With the new combination of freshness and convenience consumers are able to enjoy a totally new quality of lettuce. Salanova comes in many forms and colours which are all equally crunchy and taste equally fresh and delicious. For each type we are constantly developing a range of varieties. These are interesting for consumers as well as for the processing industry. Different types There are two main types of Salanova lettuce. The Salanova Incised Leaf types are characterised by their deeply-incised leaves with an attractive 3-D leaf structure and a good shelf life. With just one straight cut, all the leaves come away very simply and easily. The Multileaf types are characterised by the large number of uniform, small leaves per head. The core of the Multileaf types is easily removed with the specially-developed Salanova corer or by cutting it out with a circular movement. Within the main types, there are different types of lettuce. Worldwide concept Salanova is supported with a lot of marketing activities. Also we are working with a worldwide Salanova network of Rijk Zwaan crops specialists, growers, processors and retailers because we believe information exchange is essential. After all, together we must keep striving for further improvements in the leafy-salads market, so that we can continue to build on its success all over the world. Beautiful Baby Leaf  Salanova has a beautiful Baby leaf structure to it, this means all the flavour goes into the leaf. The look the taste the texture has to be tasted to be believed. There are Red , Green and Oak leaf colours but also Frizzy and Bionda type  Convenience, United Kingdom In countries such as the UK, USA and Australia the fresh cut segment is mature. Salanova has earned a very important position in these markets, adding value to many salad bags.   The UK is one of the front runners in Europe when it comes to convenience. On the one hand processors are starting to look for cost reductions and process optimalisation, on the other hand there is a strong drive for leaf diversification and quality to stay competitive. Salanova offers both: it gives solutions for problems like pinking and waste, and is continuously widening with new leaf types and flavours.   Volume and colour Marks & Spencer aims for the highest quality, also in the fresh cut assortment. A very successful introduction for this retailer was the Rosa Verse salad bags, which contains 40% Salanova red butter leaves. Giving colour and volume to the pack. Long shelf life UK retailers are perfectly aware of the wishes of their customers: attractive and firm leaves with a good shelf life. No wonder that the introduction of Salanova Crispies is a success. This product not only offers a shelf life of up to 10 days, it is also suitable for mechanical harvesting. The uniform and loose leaves are ready to be washed and packed, offering greater efficiency for processing companies.