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Peninsula farms is dedicated to lowering the waste that is produced from growing 

that is why we are using Grodan Rockwool as this can be recycled to lower the carbon footprint. Did you know that One cubic metre of basalt produces 50 cubic metres of stone wool - sufficient to grow 350,000 kg of tomatoes, 1 million cucumbers or 175,000 peppers in a sustainable manner. After use, the stone wool created from the one cubic metre of basalt can be used as raw material to produce 8 cubic metres of brick. Recycling stone wool after use means that less new basalt is required. At the same time this saves the use of clay or sand which would otherwise be used as raw material for brick manufacturing.

Peninsula farms are also looking into developing an aeroponic grow system for growing Vine crops such as Peppers, Tomatoes and Cucumbers, this will reduce water usage by over 80% 

Hydroponics has often been called an unsustainable form of growing but recently at the HortiFair in Holland Grodan proved that by growing with Rock Wool was more sustainable than growing with coco coir Due to its Life Cycle Analysis ( LCA)

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Vertical growing is an eco- friendly option for food production systems.

Everything to do with Vertical growing or indeed hydroponic growing systems is recyclable, the water and feed is re-circulated and reused. Some growing media can be washed and reused although this is not as a rule used by commercial Growers

This is not to be confused with Hobby recirculating systems as these cause salt build up.

No run-off to pollute the environment

(recirculation systems have been used for nearly 25 years by commercial growers.)

So now you can feed the Human population and with the waste product you can recycle and use as an energy provider. This makes Hydroponic systems fully sustainable, Of course commercial growers who grow in Glasshouses have been using these systems for 20 + years. We have been using CHP units for over 10 years there is very little that is "new" to the commercial grower it has just been kept in-house.

We can offer space saving solution to growers in urban or arid locations,  Hydroponic growing in a controlled environment. This means less land is needed to grow more crops close to the consumer market, reducing both food miles and carbon footprint while offering a real solution to food security. Why not turn your food waste into energy, we want to set up collection of food waste from Supermarkets and households so that we can use this to generate energy by the means of Bio-Digestion. This also helps to reduce the carbon footprint of our business and helps with the growing problem of Landfill sites for recyclable waste.

Take it to another level and what a product and concept we have!

A product that can grow a lettuce or a leafy salad crop that people can eat, While the root and matting is rolled up and used as fuel to heat the system. There is a potential for developing countries by using this for FODDER UNITS which means better nutrition for the farm animals, which in turn leads to increased milk supply and better quality meat. Therefore helping the Human population.

We can implement everything for you, we can arrange a sowing line that picks the matting up or indeed compost if that is what is required, the machine places it into the reusable growing container from there it germinates and is then placed onto the Growing system to grow until maturity then when harvested. If you already grow and want to use our matting just contact us and we can arrange that for you. But why just use the matting! by using one of our Growing Systems you can increase your productivity without increasing your m2 floor space