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®Salanova is  a new innovation in Lettucesalad mix. Harvested as fully mature heads, the flavor and texture have had time to develop, giving them much better flavor and texture than traditional baby leaf. The unique structure of Salanova releases individual uniform size leaves with one simple cut. It is more than 40% higher yielding, has better flavor and texture, and double the shelf life of traditional baby leaf lettuce, making it a better and more economical option. General benefits One cut ready With just one cut at the base, Salanova lettuce separates into tasty, ready-to-eat, evenly proportioned, baby-sized leaves. Compared with regular lettuce, Salanova leaves are not only smaller, but there are also many more of them. This offers tremendous advantages for everyone involved in the vegetable chain, including processors, retailers and, ultimately, the consumer.   Wide range The Salanova range is continually expanding. Many different types of Salanova are already available – including Lollo, Crispy, Butter and Oak leaf – ensuring a choice of shapes, colours and textures. Furthermore, Rijk Zwaan has developed a wide range of varieties for every type, which makes it possible to offer a year-round availability and consistent quality. Click here for an overview of the types and varieties. Consumer benefits Versatile convenience Consumers can fully benefit from the versatile convenience of Salanova, whether as processed leaves out of a bag or as a fun and fresh whole-head Salanova. Because Salanova’s head remains open rather than cropping, it is easy for consumers to just pick off the leaves they need and store the rest for future use. Especially when sold with the root ball still attached, Salanova fits perfectly within the ‘grow your own product’ trend, plus it looks very decorative in the kitchen. Corer The unique one-cut-ready principle prompted the design of a special Salanova corer. There are two ways to slice using this simple cutter, both of them resulting in the Salanova falling apart into many loose leaves. The corer is not only a fun way of letting consumers experience the one-cut-ready principle for themselves, but it also makes cooking with fresh ingredients easier. Foodservice Efficiency in the kitchen For restaurants and catering companies, Salanova represents tremendous opportunities. The one-cut-ready principle increases efficiency in the kitchen and the product gives a high percentage of usable product, leaving less waste. Furthermore, the sheer diversity of shapes, colours and tastes offers chefs plenty of scope to surprise and inspire their customers: Salanova’s Crispy types, for instance, hold very well in combination with warm dressings and toppings. Salad bars One of the major factors currently boosting the consumption of leafies is the global rise of salad bars, where consumers can create their own fresh salad by picking their ingredients from a bar. The mature but baby-sized leaves of Salanova are perfectly aligned with this trend. Thanks to their diversity in terms of colour and shape coupled with their excellent shelf life, they add value to every salad bar. In store Concept The brand name, the logo and the attractive presentation and packaging – which also reduces waste – all combine to make Salanova a recognisable product; in some countries it has even created a new segment. For retailers, this means that they can take their salad offering to the next level, add value and, ultimately, increase their turnover from leafy vegetables.   Tell the story Salanova is a product with a story behind it, and this story needs to be told. To help retailers explain the one-cut-ready principle to consumers, there are numerous tools available, such as the Salanova corer, and extensive promotional material. Point-of-sale promotion has proved very successful in educating consumers and underlining the product’s fun aspect, and this approach can even help to liven up a store’s fresh fruit and vegetable area.