Aeroponics is a growing system that uses far less water than any other growing system out there. Hydroponics is the growers choice but that is because the use of "Dry Fog" in an aeroponic system has not been tried successfully until now. One of the worlds leading nozzle makers has developed a nozzle that will allow the use of nutrients to be used without blocking the droplet size. 

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Peninsula farms is dedicated to bring the highest quality salad crops to the Kingdom Of Bahrain. We are also growing sustainable in that we are looking at ways to save water and Electricity cost and usage.   We recycle all of our water and feed to be used again on the crops, We use the latest growing methods to ensure that we meet and exceed safety standards set by the health and safety authority. The Aeroponic system will eliminate the use of a substrate media for growing of crops thus saving the cost of rockwool slabs each season.