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Benefits of eating our unique Macro salads

  • We grow inside a warehouse facility, our latest build is inside a warehouse in Dubai. This is a Gourmet Facility growing 7* products with flavour. It has such a wow factor this ranks among the best in the world. 
  • Improved taste and texture
  • Safeguarded nutritional value-Marketing a living product ensures optimum levels of vitamins and antioxidants 
  • Hygiene that can only be achieved inside a warehouse ensures microbes are below detectable levels.
  • Long shelf life which ensure freshness and reduces waste for the retailer and consumer
  • Grown 52 weeks of the year in the UAE . This is vastly reducing food miles and ensures local quality produce.
  • Products are superb for any dish not just a garnish 
  • As a living product these plants continue to breath and grow even on the window sill. Continually producing antioxidants and vitamins for you good health.

Project & Mission 

  Here in Dubai we have built a facility to grow Gourmet herbs,salads and also Micro/Macro Greens, How can we                                   grow like this in Dubai. Well we will be growing all products as a living product.                                                              This format has allowed Grahame to grow quality produce worldwide. 

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