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Grahame began his full time growing career in 1975 joining the Family company. However within two years he left to start his own company as he wanted to forge a name for high quality salads grown for Flavour. Trading under the name of DUNLING's he quickly gained a reputation for quality and reliability this led to his produce been on several TV cookery shows from Food and Drink to the then top cooking program Ready steady Cook. This led to top supermarkets contacting him to supply them direct with his own branded produce . In 2004 the company was taken over and Grahame moved into trouble shooting helping companies turn around from marketing to branding to staffing work patterns. One task was to help start a Micro herb company FDM Herbs (Fresh, Dried,Micro) this gained such growth and prestigious clients such as Glynn Purnel, Sat Bains, Anton Mossiman, Spencer House among the customer list.
He was then asked to help turn the Largest Vertical Grow company Valcent PLC around and this became the world leader in Vertical growing installing systems in the UK and Vancouver as well as having a client list world wide. From here he went to Hong Kong , America, Ireland , Mexico helping to start companies and turn them around.
Then he faced the hardest challenge of his life and this was in The Kingdom of Bahrain in the middle east. Peninsula Farm, and once again Grahame excelled at the challenge and within two years had turned the company around from a $115,000 turnover to one of $1,060,000 this was using the same staffing levels and the same area of m2 growing facilities . He introduced staff training including management. This led to the ministry of Agriculture in Bahrain inviting him to talk to the GCC Ministers on hydroponic growing and sustainable growing. 
After Bahrain he moved to Dubai.

Some of the client comments are below. 

Sh Rashid Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa 

 Grahame Dunling has been working at peninsula farms since January 2014.   During this time Mr. Dunling has shown exceptional work ethic, knowledge   determination to turn peninsula farms from a barely there business to   an   internationally know farm, known for quality above all else. 

 Mr. Dunling is innovative. He can work with the facilities you have, he   understands that "buying new" is not always the solution. He will start with   hands on training and review all aspects of any business to determine what   parts need modernizing. He works excellently with local mechanics and   tradesmen to supply simple solution to modernize different aspects of a   nursery. In the short time working together his has maids tired many items   to reduce costs and increase yields. This is really one of his best skills.

 Mr. Dunling works with staff of all nationalities and levels. He has excellent    communication skills and years of on field experience in sales,         manufacturing, Maintence, logistics, and all horticultural sectors.                His passion for work in infectious and is the perfect candidate to lead any   team to success What he doesn't know he is quick to learn and work with   any one to better his organization. He is a treasure chest of knowledge that   is an asset to any company.

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your inquiry. It pleases me that there are more investment opportunities and start ups happening in the gcc. This region needs more horticultural businesses so that we can all stand together and serve all the food needs together.

Yes you are correct, Grahame has joined our company January 2014. Peninsula farms had already been operational for almost two years at that time, but it wasn't until Grahame joined that we really took off. His experience and work ethic were exactly what was needed. He not only understands the latest technology in horticulture but also has experience with real hands on old school growing methods. This served us tremendously in transitioning from what we were to what we are today. Also Grahame is the BEST Salesman. His negotiating skills are exactly what the supermarkets and hypermarkets needed to hear to support our business. Grahame also is an excellent comunicatior and is willing to work with all levels of a company. He proved how well he could train workers even though they don't speak the same language. Grahame is a no nonsense guy that is fair and really can build a horticultural business from the ground up. There really is so much that Grahame added to this company. It is really unfortunate for me that I cannot keep Grahame onboard with peninsula farms. The operational expenses at this farm are too high due to errors in set up from before Grahame arrived. Many regulations in Bahrain have not yet been developed to help the farm remain financially sustainable at our current size. So for this reason we will be downsizing and restructuring. We hope to continue operating but it will be at a smaller scale.

I wish Grahame all the success and I know if he is on board in a horticultural business it will succeed. If there is any extra information you need please don't hesitate to let me know.


 Rashid bin Khalifa Al-Khalifa

General Manager

Peninsula Farms


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I have had the pleasure of traveling to some wonderful countries to teach companies and people about commercial growing. Now in Dubai the Gourmet Capital for Badia Farms.

People often ask how new is Indoor Vertical Growing. Well i started to do Vertical Growing in 2009. 
Grahame is among the most knowledgeable and professional experts in controlled environment agriculture that I know. He is rare in his ability to embrace new techniques without losing touch with his heritage of farming. He is one of three horticulture experts that I go to when I need help - and often he is the first one I call.
Grahame provided his expertise and guidance regarding Controlled Environment Agriculture to me and my business Aqua Vita Farms, LLC. I found Grahame's deep knowledge of the subject to be highly beneficial. I have no doubt that he will continue to play a substantial role in the growth and advancement of this field.
Grahame is a highly driven and focused person with an endless supply of energy and enthusiasm combined with expertise in his specialist areas of growing and hydroponics. He is also a creative 'outside the box' thinker with a very down-to-earth and practical approach to problem solving.
Grahame is a hardworking and creative thinker who is prepared to go the extra mile to achieve the desired results. While working with Valcent UK he helped realise a new configuration of tray design that formed the basis of the working system. As a grower his skills are well proven and I am pleased to recommend him to you
I have known Mr. Grahame for two years now since he joined Peninsula Farms. I worked with his team on many development projects in the farm, and I witnessed a lot of positive change happening there during a short time most of which was attributed to him. 
His ability to understand the market, the technology, and the people that allowed him to help his board formulate an ambitious yet achievable vision, translate it into workable plans and lead his team successfully to make it happen.
What I admire most is his ability to manage marketing, growing, purchase, sales, financial and technical matters with equal talent knowing when to interfere and when to leave the job for the specialized person and just motivate him to let him bring out the best of what he has.

I have been fortunate enough to know and work with Grahame for several years now. He is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced growers I know. His 40+ years of experience in high value crop production speaks for itself in the supreme quality crops and top level management he provides. His level of knowledge is unparalleled and I am lucky to consider him a friend and colleague.

I have collaborated with Grahame for many, many years related to commercial horticultural pursuits and various methods of vertical farming. I consider him to be an innovative pioneer when it comes to growing food commercially within greenhouses and/or controlled indoor environments. Blending innovation with practical solutions is a rarity, but Grahame manages to pull it off. He is a very good and honest man as well. He is also incredibly well informed about various solutions that are available throughout the world. As a central consultant he will keep your project on track with direction and intelligence forged by years of direct hands on experience.
Grahame is one of a very few successful practitioners of soil less agriculture. We worked together on the development of business plans, systems designs, and project planning for a national network of aquaponic farms. His astute counsel, wide ranging expertise, and willingness to share his knowledge was a key component of the project. Working closely with other members of the team he steered us through the analysis of systems requirements, technological alternatives .and business strategies. He is strong team player and a strong leader with a keen sense of what it takes to make soil less agriculture a successful commercial enterprise.

Grahame Dunling has over 40 years experience in horticulture building on the experience of several generations in the industry.Like his grandfather he is an innovator too and also invented new commercial designs for vertical cropping like the one for growers in H.K. Sole designer of the AlphaCrop system which is based on an A-Frame design which allows the light to reach all the plants as they travel round the A-Frame .He has revised my thinking by his approach and has always been good with information and guidance for me. With a synergistic approach to all facets of the business from sowing to sales he has been involved in. Advocating automated seeding and tickling of herbs to bring out flavour are things that come to mind.He gets the essentials right by his experience and has focused on quality and supplied some of best restaurants in Britain with produce.The Dutch acknowledged leaders in protected cropping and lighting specialist company Phillips has run trials with him to test new products, it says a lot about the esteem he is held in by the industry.He thinks on his feet and is a problem solver with an eye on the bottom line as a professional "go to trouble shooter" "He gives them what they want, how they want it, and when they want it " , and shares his knowledge with others. Along with colleagues keeps abreast of Dutch Horticulture attending trade events and has been a constructive educational influence in the Professional Aquaponics group ~ His bio shows his reputation for turning Companies profit margins around that he has been involved with as he is now doing admirably in Bahrain .He has extensive business contacts worldwide both in the manufacturing and horticultural world and my utmost respect and confidence in recommending him for any consultation in protected cropping ~
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