Grahame Dunling was part of the team that built the first automated Vertical Grow system in the UK in 2008/9.  Since then he has built in Kentucky, China, Hong Kong, Japan , Bahrain. Then Moved to Dubai  and was the Co-Founder  and Equity Shareholder of the first Warehouse farm in Dubai. He is now the CEO of the Largest warehouse Vertical Farm in Dubai.  His Son is now the CEO of WorldWide Local Salads and the 5th Generation of the Dunling tradition. 
    Grahame has been a pioneer in the Horticultural industry for over 30 years when he first started to grow Cherry tomatoes on rockwool. when he started to grow this        crop he noticed the difference in the way the plant grew, by observing this he changed the growing blueprint for this crop. Changing the way the Co2, temperature            control was used and timings he doubled the yield per plant and got a healthier crop. During this time he also used IPM control and no pesticides was used in the                greenhouses. This made his product one of the most sought after products and this is where the 'Dunling's' Brand gained a reputation for Gourmet Quality.  
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